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    High Pile Delivery
    High Pile Delivery
    Available for automatic in-line counting
    and stacking of products.
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    IRS Die Cutting Non Stop
    this machine is able to provide an in register die cut production
    IRS die Cutting Non-stop
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    iml stacker
    Specially designed for stacking various materials
    this batcher stacker is the key to successful production
    of this product.

About Rietstack

Together, we make finishing possible

Rietstack is a company set up in Holland specifically for the manufacture of machinery for the printing industry. In their previous employment our staff led by Mr Jerry Riet successfully designed and built add on units for use by press manufacturers as original equipment. These machines are primarily for increasing production and efficiency in the narrow web and label manufacturing sector and although some of our machines are used off-line almost all of the processing units we manufacture can be integrated into the main machine as an addition without any reduction in production speed.

Our product range is made up of a number of different machines each comprising of single or multiple processes. The processes that can be integrated include sheeting, stacking, counting, card-board feeders, boxing, gluing, pad maker with hot melt gluing, die-cutting and stacking of injection in-mould labels,transport tables and high pile stackers.

Our machines are robust in construction and yet incorporate the most up to date electronics and pneumatic technology to reduce cycle times to a minimum and ensure reliability. Our delivery times are very good although we are prepared to build 'specials' and these will take a little longer to produce. If you believe you may have a place in your production unit for any of our machines please contact our appointed agents in your geographical area for more information.

Interested in meeting us and want to know more? Contact us!

Have we convinced you what we can do for you or do you want some more information? Do not hasitate to contact us. We are willing to tell you more about our expertise and our stacking and cutting machinery.

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